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Ordinal arithmetic calculator and research tool

Download ordCalc_0.1.0 beta

Install program and documentation on Windows (ordInstall0.1.exe 2M)

This should work on most windows versions starting with Windows 2000. (CYGWIN on Windows users see note below.)

Build and install from source (ordCalc_0.1.tar.bz2 500K) (or ordCalc_0.1.tar 7M)

This should build on most Linux or Unix development systems and on Windows systems with CYGWIN installed. The build requires the GMP and readline packages. If these are not installed on you system you may be able to install them with the command yum install gmp readline. This package includes the LaTeX source for all the documentation and the PDF documents generated from this source.

Download documentation

All documentation is included in both the Windows installer and source code downloads. Use the following links for documentation only downloads.

User's manual --- how to use the program (ordCalc0.1.pdf 60K)

Program description and the underlying mathematics (ordinal0.1.pdf 340K)

This document describes and references the mathematics on which the program is based. It also documents the program structure. This program was developed in the expectation that a programming approach to the ordinal numbers will eventually lead to an expansion of the foundations of mathematics. Thus it is hoped that others will consider expanding this program to larger ordinals.

Please send comments and problem reports to

New features in later releases

For CYGWIN on Windows users

This code was built for Windows using CYGWIN. If you have installed CYGWIN on your Windows system, you may need to exit other CYGWIN applications to use this program because CYGWIN dlls from different versions may be incompatible. (You should be able to rebuild under your version of CYGWIN with the source code distribution.)

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