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Linux Installation

The Linux version of mdb require GTK 2.0 or above. Three executable packages are provided:

For .rpm packages just do (as root)
rpm -i package_name

See the README in mdb-0.1.1-0.i386.exe.tar.bz2 for installation instructions for this package. Note you must
tar -xvjf mdb-0.1.1-0.i386.exe.tar.bz2
to decompress and untar the file first.

The default online manual is /usr/local/share/doc/mdb-0.1.1/ You can change this (on Linux only) by setting the environmental variable MmsMdbDoc to the full path of the manual.

To install from source code on Linux do the initial install from source steps and then become a super user and type
make install

To create the rpm distribution file type
make rpm

The file created will be: nativeDist/rpm/_dist_root/RPMS/i386/mdb-0.1.1-0.i386.rpm
or something similar depending on what system (${HOSTTYPE}) you are doing the build on.

To cerate the generic executable distribution file type
make genDist

The file created will be
or something similar for your system.

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