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Building from source

Installing from source is not the best or easiest way to install mdb. It requires many libraries and other tools. Most of these are described in the Acknowledgments section. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to build from source, you probably want to download and install one of the executable packages.

Please keep in mind that the GNU General Public License requires that if your distribute modified versions of this code "You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.''

The source code for all targets is mdb-0.1.1.src.tar.bz2.

Version 0.1.1 of mdb is the first public release. It has been built only on three target systems: Linux (Redhat Fedora Core 4), Windows XP using Cygnus cygwin and Apple OS X. No attempt has been made to make the code more widely portable. Problems are likely if one attempts to build on other targets.

Do the following to build and install mdb

To configure for your system go to the top level directory (mdb-0.1.1) and type
./configure --disable-debugging

Leave off the --disable-debugging option if you are planning to modify or debug the code. With debugging builds, ANY second command line parameter (the first parameter is the directory for saving mdb state) will allow many assertion failures to be reported without aborting execution. This is useful if you change the format of state information. In that case reading old state will always generate an assertion failure.

To build mdb after configuring the build type

Instructions for installing from source are operating system dependent and covered in the following sections.

If you have have problems with the configuration, you can regenerate the configuration files by typing

mdb (media database) home
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