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mdb 0.1.2 beta (media database) downloads

mdb is also available for download at Logo

Linux mdb downloads

The Linux version of mdb requires GTK+. Three executable packages are provided:

For .rpm packages just do (as root)
rpm -i package_name

See the README in mdb-0.1.2-0.i386.exe.tar.bz2 for installation instructions for this package. Note you must
tar -xvjf mdb-0.1.2-0.i386.exe.tar.bz2
to decompress and untar the file first.

Apple OS X mdb download

The Apple OS X installation package is mdb-0.1.2-0.dmg. Download this file and double click on it to decompress and mount it. Go inside the volume and move mdb to your application directory or wherever else you want it installed. Then double click on it to execute.

Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 mdb download

The executable installation file for Windows XP and 2000 is mdbInstall.exe. Double click on it to start installation and follow the instructions.

mdb source code download

Installing from source is not the best or easiest way to install mdb. It requires many libraries and other tools. Most of these are described in the Acknowledgments section of the online manual. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to build from source, you probably want to download and install one of the above executable packages.

The source code for all targets is mdb-0.1.2.src.tar.bz2.

mdb documentation downloads

All the above packages come with complete documentation. The following are for downloading documentation only.

read online

mdbDoc.tar.bz2 --- html manual in tar/bz2 format --- html manual in zip format

mdbDoc.chm --- manual in Microsoft Windows help file format

mdb gpg public key and md5 checksums

RPM-GPG-KEY-MMS.txt --- Use this to verify the gpg signature on the rpm packages for mdb.

mdb-0.1.2-0.mdbSums.txt --- After downloading this file edit it to contain only the files your downloaded. Then do
md5sum -c mdb-0.1.2-0.mdbSums.txt
to check the integrity of all files you have downloaded.

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